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After giving birth to my beautiful daughter, my thyroid gland was enlarged. My own doctor did not notice that my thyroid was enlarged. My mother who was there to take care of me after giving birth pointed it out. I went to see my Dr. who told me that it was common in some women to have an enlarged nodule after giving birth. He didn't give me a direct answer because he didn't want to worry me (not knowing that just his speculation was worrying me). He didn't suggest I do blood work or anything else, it was as if looking into it was not in his job description. On another day I went to see my Dr. (who wasn't there) because I had a lump in my armpit (turned out to be clogged breastmilk), they gave me another Dr. who worked there, and this Dr. took action, he got in touch with a Thyroid, "expert," and took a blood test. We went to this thyroid, "expert," and they did a biopsy test, they said it was benign but there was the possibility that with time it could become malignant. So, it was important for me to go back every 6 months to make sure everything was fine. Again, there was no reassurance that everything was ok. I asked, "what is it then?" They did not explain or know the reasons behind my enlarged thyroid nodule. Both blood tests (one with the new Dr. and the other with the Thyroid Dr.) came back normal. 

Not only was I stressed with new mommy experiences, but also with not knowing what was wrong with me. What did I have? There's obviously something wrong with my body, this isn't normal. It felt like not a single Dr. cared enough to do the impossible to see what was causing this enlarged thyroid. Six months until they did more exams was not ideal for me, the waiting to see what I may or may not have, the uncertainty was causing me anxiety. Did I have an autoimmune disease? What kind? Is there a cure or will I have to take medication for life? Everything I Googled led me to believe there was no cure. Doctors would say it would either go away on its own (not knowing when) or I'll have an enlarged thyroid nodule for the rest of my life. WHAT WAS MY MEDICAL INSURANCE PAYING THEM FOR? To NOT help me? To keep me stressed, anxious, scared, and remain sick? I had enough and sought help elsewhere. 

My mom had been doing research as well, she's an advocate for natural cures, so she suggested I watch a webinar from Dr. Glidden regarding Thyroids, then to ask him about my situation, so I did. He gave an explanation I did not expect, he gave answers without ever physically seeing me. He made me feel stress-free and I was finally feeling positive that everything was going to be fine. My husband and I also want more children so I felt like that was possible again. This whole time it was lack of nutrients that my body lost after giving birth and remained nutritionally deficient due to breastfeeding. I knew being cured meant that it would take time (as natural cures tend to do) but I was fine with that. Dr. Glidden suggested supplements and a chiropractor. I did both and the results show in the attached image. It took a while, but it did its job. I was cured from whatever was wrong with my thyroid. I never got an answer as to what it was from the doctors we saw but it didn't matter anymore. I feel better, look better and will continue to give my body what it needs. Sooo grateful for my eyes being opened and for those who opened them.  Cured naturally, NOT with medications (that only MAINTAIN illnesses) but with what our bodies naturally need (vitamins and minerals).

Thank you, Dr. Glidden, for actually caring about humanity and wanting the best for them, and for knowing what you know and sharing it with the world. 

Jennifer Celeste Kaka (Laie, Hawaii)

Thank you Dr Glidden, Dr Wallach and Youngevity.   
In November 2016 I went to my doctor for low thyroid symptoms, had all the blood tests and told I have hypothyroidism with enlarging thyroid. They wanted me on thyroid meds.  So I went to another doctor, did blood tests again and again told I must get on thyroid meds. My sister is on thyroid meds and my mother was on thyroid meds before she passed. I don't take medicines of any kind (at that time not even vitamins) so I did not want to do that. After doing lots of research on anything else I could try I found info on youngevity.  At the end of December, I got on healthy start pak.  Nothing was changing. Then I found Dr Gliddens web site and joined.  Then I started taking healthy bone and joint pak (told I have osteoporosis) and added selenium, oceans gold and myrrh oil on my thyroid, as suggested by Dr Glidden.  Good news just had my third set of blood work done and my TSH level is now normal, way down to 2.09.  Plus, my low thyroid symptoms are gone. I'm happy! Now to reverse my osteoporosis!
Thanks, Rhonda Thompson