Personal results may vary. If you follow the advice outlined in my health recovery videos, books and DVDs, your results may be better or worse than those outlined below. Recovery is not guaranteed, as there are always lots of variables at play. The people below are certainly glad that they followed my advice - but your results may not be as remarkable. Additionally - it is always a good idea to secure the services of a local, licensed and regulated wholistic health care practitioner to help you objectively gauge your response to whatever health recovery strategy you are employing. - Dr. Glidden


 All my life I've been active.  Running, bicycling, swimming, etc. and I NEVER supplemented - BIG MISTAKE.  The bottom line is that if you don't keep your 'mineral tank' filled it's going to run out!  It's just a question of when.  The more active you are the sooner IT WILL happen!  

I compounded my problems when I developed arthritis in my lower back.  I made the mistake of taking NSAID pain relievers (like Motrin, Aleve, Tylenol, etc.) for the pain.  Unfortunately, by the time I learned that NSAIDs tend to eat cartilage, especially in your knees, it was too late the damage had been done.  Mine were pretty much bone on bone by the time I learned that little secret (that the medical community and drug manufacturers seemed to have forgotten to tell us poor schmos).

For the last several years walking and standing has been excruciatingly painful and I avoided stairs like the plague!  For the last two years I've walked with a very distinctive limp.  

I'd been on Prilosec since 1994 for gastric reflux and I'd been totally unsuccessful at finding a natural replacement.  My blood pressure was 185/120 for the last several years.  My heart felt like it was doing gymnastics in my chest.  I needed to take a pill every night to sleep. I felt like I was falling apart.  All those years of activity without replenishing my supply of nutrients was beginning to take its toll. Honestly, at the beginning of 2012 I didn't think I was going to see 2013!  I was beginning to get my affairs in order just in case.

I thank the Lord for Dr. Wallach and Youngevity!  I first learned of Youngevity in 1996 when I was helping a friend put on Y2K Survival Shows.  One of the table holders at one of our shows gave me a 'Dead Doctors Don't Lie' cassette.  I've never heard anything that made so much sense!  I've been studying health and alternative medicine for years and it all clicked for me!  Dr. Wallach had the missing pieces to the health puzzle and he knew exactly where each piece belonged in the bigger picture!  The only problem was that the distributor who gave me the tape hadn't put his contact info on it so I didn't know who to get in touch with.  All these years I knew that one day I'd start using Youngevity products; I just didn't know what it would take for me to get really serious!  I finally called the company in 2010 and asked if I could be signed up as a distributor since I didn't know any. They signed me up and I ordered a bottle of plant-derived colloidal minerals.  My first attempt was pretty half-hearted.  It wasn't until early this year (2012) that my health got so bad that I knew I HAD TO DO SOMETHING!  In April I decided to do whatever was necessary to turn my health around.  I bought my first months’ worth of Youngevity products and my life started looking up with the first dose!

Within a few weeks my heart had given up gymnastics and my blood pressure was back to normal.  I stopped taking Prilosec the same day I started the Youngevity products and I haven't had any trouble as my reflux is totally gone!  I began to sleep like a baby without the assistance of pills.  Every day I feel better and I think of something else that has stopped hurting or is working better!

I also lost 25 pounds in the first two months without trying and my gray hair is returning to its natural color!

Health Issues I’ve Reversed with Scientifically Based, Clinically Verified Medical Nutrition:

  • High Blood Pressure (185/120 to 99/77)

  • Degenerative Disk Disease

  • Irregular Heart Beat / Arrhythmia / Possible AFIB

  • Arthritis (back pain so bad I couldn't bend over the sink or put my socks on without sitting down)

  • Lost weight (70 lbs in 13 months)

  • Joint degeneration (knees)

  • Rebound Congestion - (hooked on decongestants) gone!

  • Poor Sleep (constantly waking up to urinate)

  • Sciatica (pain shooting down my legs had been unbearable!)

  • Got off my CPAP (for sleep apnea)

  • Sleep like a baby (after almost 20 years of not making in through the night)!

  • Gastric Reflux (on Prilosec for 20 years) - gone over night!

  • Skin tags 

  • Bags / dark circles under my eyes are now disappearing thanks to IMORTALIUM!

  • Clarity of thought and concentration

  • Clinical Depression

  • Sensitive Teeth

  • I think of new things almost daily...

Plus, I’ve been able to:

  • Increase my energy levels greatly

  • Improve my outlook on life

  • Improve my financial outlook!

I want to start off my story which in April of 2017, I found Dr. Glidden from a you tube video on Chemotherapy. I knew from seeing other friends family and Acquaintances who followed this protocol did not last long and had horrible side effects. After watching Dr. Glidden's radio show and his description of the 12 bad foods I was always open minded and began the journey of eliminating these foods from my diet. Also into the bargain I began to take the 90 EN on a daily basis.  The Changes that occurred kept me going because the first symptom of really bad heartburn vanished.  I was also prone to headaches daily. That also vanished.  Following the 12 bad food list one naturally will move away from a high carb diet, to one high in protein and vegetables. Before even I had even noticed, I was being complemented on the weight that I was losing. I went from a 34 inch waist down the a 32 and the "beer belly" vanished.  I also had ringing in the ears and back pain. I began taking extra calcium and Gluco gels and both of these conditions have been corrected.  I also was running a blood pressure of 155 over 102 on a regular basis. One year later my resting blood pressure is 135 over 86!!  My sleep is better, my mood is better, my sex drive is better, everything has brightened up and as a male who is 51 years old I'm looking forward to many more healthy years because of Dr. Glidden and Dr. Wallach!!

I have become a champion of the Naturopathic Doctor when it comes to chronic aliments, and will never stop. God bless these men and the work that they do.

I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 16 months ago. My glucose blood reading was between 16 and 29.5, cholesterol up too high, high blood pressure and fatty liver disease and I don't drink alcohol. I have been told by the doctor, that I was lucky to see him, otherwise, I would have a stroke, deadly stroke in the very near future. This was a shock to me. I started to do some research for 6 months online when I saw a video by Dr. Peter Glidden on diabetes. I started to watch a few more videos of Dr. Peter Glidden and I was so impressed that I started to follow his advice. I give it to you straight: Dr. Peter Glidden ND saved my life. I completely changed my nutrition including avoiding the 12 bad foods Dr. Glidden talks about. With medication from the doctor, I went to my second blood test. Great improvement. My doctor could not believe it, including losing 22 kilograms of my weight to arrive at my ideal weight calculated by body mass.

3 months before I was due for my next blood test, I did the following:

First, I got on to the 90 for Life, Essential nutrition program with Youngevity. Once I started on the Healthy Body Start pak containing the 90 essential nutrients, 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids and 2 essential fatty acids together with Sweet Eze blood sugar support, everything changed for me for the better. I was so convinced about the supplementation from Youngevity, that I started not to take the medication anymore, subscribed by the doctor. 

10 weeks later I went back to my doctor, told him that I stopped taking the medication and take the 90 essential nutrients instead. The doctor sends me off to a blood test again. After the test, I went back to see him again. There was an improvement again from the last blood test, glucose reading down to 7.4, blood pressure perfect, fatty liver improved but still need to work on that one. Now, the doctor told me the following: "Stay with your diet and KEEP TAKING THE SUPPLEMENTS, without the medication. The proof is in the pudding!!

12 weeks on the supplements, here are some other positive changes that happened to me:

  1. Fungus under the toenails, nearly gone.

  2. Itchy and dry skin, improved by 80%.

  3. Fitness and good sleep improved by 150%.

  4. Cravings for sweets and snacking gone!

  5. My vision, reading more without my glasses.

  6. Stopped smoking 3 weeks ago, 90% success and working on it.

  7. My daily blood glucose readings are getting better, average 6.8.

  8. Fewer mood swings, calmer and can concentrate better.

  9. Maintaining my body weight and love my daily walks. (I was so ill, that a 15-minute walk was like working for 5 hours.)

  10. My blood pressure is back to perfect.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind, taking the 90 essential nutrients every day was and still is one of the best decision I ever made, regarding my health. There is nothing better out there.

I have also subscribed to Dr. Peter Glidden as an Ambassador, having access to his database, and you should do the same. Become a Youngevity Distributor today, take the 90 essential nutrients every day and help others on the way of healing and optimal health. 

A very big thank you to Dr. Peter Glidden ND, Brenda and the team of Youngevity for saving my life. God bless you all.

- Marc Zurcher from Australia

My name is Derek Ellis and 90 for life has given me my life back.  I am 47 yrs old, 5'5" and weighed 205. But I was not fat. Just need to lose some weight.  I have always been very athletic and live an active lifestyle and I suffer from the aches and pains associated with such.  I have had hip surgery as a child and dealt with the pain ever since. About 5 years ago the pain progressively began to increase. Within the last 2years started to consider seeking help. There are other orthopedic issues that come from chronic pain. Like my opposite knee getting weak from favoring my hip. And a shoulder injury from a fall.  With these and other similar problems 90 for life has helped me turn a corner and reduce the aches and pains to what I can remember from my early days. From being sore from a hard day’s work and getting on with it. Not the kind of pain that would set me down for a few days. In February I dealt with a bout of pneumonia and received an MRI which showed a fatty liver and gall stones. At this time the dr treated me with antibiotics and sent me home. He also recommended I see a family practitioner and gave me a copy of my MRI on cd.  I thought no way am going down that path and began to educate myself on health. I found a Dr Michael Bolton which led me to Dr Glidden then to Dr Wallach.  This covers about 8 months of checking each one of you out as best I could.  I have used 90 for life Youngevity healthy pack for 3 months. I have lost 25 pounds with about 10 more to be back to my baseball weight of 170. The pains of my arthritis have subsided considerably.  I have much more I could share. I you would like please contact me at 979 481 6803. Thank you for the work you are doing it has made a difference for me. One other thing I would really like to have that MRI done again in a year to see what has changed.

My name is Brian Taylor and I've been doing Youngevity for a year now and believe me it works. I've been fat all my life, I spent a couple of decades bouncing between 385 and 425. when I started Youngevity a year ago in less than 3 months I lost 75 lbs and went from taking 19 prescriptions a day down to 4. I was taking insulin twice a day for 20 years, no longer. I was taking three different high blood pressure medicines, not anymore, my blood pressure now runs about 100 / 58. I had arthritis in my knees and they were just about bone to bone, well they're doing a lot better now. I'm walking better and I don't have the pain I once had. At one point I could hardly walk, I was taking 6 of the maximum dose Vicodin a day, not anymore. My endocrinologist told me there was absolutely no cure for diabetes, high blood pressure, or arthritis. I can't wait to see him again to see how he explains why I no longer have these (incurable) diseases. Anyway, if you take the Youngevity supplements and stop eating the bad Foods, you will be surprised at how much better your Health improves, and I'm living proof of that.

Doc, Here is my Youngevity story. I have battled weight issues my ENTIRE life. I honestly remember being on my first diet in the 6th grade. Always very active, biking 12 miles a day, yoga, walking and hiking. All of that and still would always carry an extra 40 pounds. I started Youngevity and backed totally off the exercising, only an occasional walk and yoga class. Avoiding the 12 bad foods and following the 90 for life supplement plan 20 pounds fell off with what seemed like no effort. Now that I have been on the products for a few months I am going to add back in a little more exercise, guessing the additional 20 pounds will fall off. Thanks so much for all of your work in showing the world a better way!

- Jackie

I am so grateful that my son Anthony Mosora took the time and told me about Youngevity Supplements. The Supplements I am on are from a Recommendation from Dr, Glidden  after my son Anthony Mosora spoke to Him about my Health Issues. I am 61 years old and over the years have had numerous health problems. I have been told by my Dr's that I have COPD and needed to be on oxygen and that I would have limited activities. First of all I went on a Gluten-Free Diet...Which helped me loose my fat Belly and my cravings went away coupled with the Youngevity supplements.. I take them regularly....I make yummy Smoothies. After a couple months. I told my Dr. I do not think I need oxygen anymore. I am so active now. I am Mowing The lawn, Riding Bikes with my 11-year-old Granddaughter ...who by the way Lives with me. After raising 4 children of my own I needed that energy that I had in my 30's. I sleep well 7 Hours a night. Eat healthy....I do not crave fast food. I feel healthy....I am having more fun. These Supplements have changed my life. The Dr's just seem to be scratching their heads in Surprise.. They do not seem to understand why I am doing so good. My Pulmonary Doctor said I looked like a different Person my last Appointment.. She said no need to make a follow-up visit. Unless I need to come in .! I just smiled and said Good-bye.. Thank-you...Keep-up the Great work!  Robin from Bloomington Indiana.