When Is Healthcare Not Healthcare?


DR. Glidden Explains How It Came To Pass That We Spend More $$$ On Medical Care Than Any Other Country In The World, And Have THE WORST OUTCOMES.


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Personal results always vary. If you follow the advice outlined in dr. glidden’s Health Recovery content, your results may be better or worse than those outlined below (and elsewhere in the website). Recovery is not guaranteed. The testimonials found below are from people who used dr. glidden’s online health recovery content to their advantage. they were not his private patients. they are certainly glad that they followed his advice - but your results may not be as remarkable. You can see more Testimonials here.

As a subscriber to your Glidden.Healthcare website I am responding to your request for healing stories. I had first heard you on Alex-Jones’ InfoWars Radio Show as a guest a few years ago. I decided to become a subscriber to your website and choose to be more diligent in fixing my health problems.
For the record I am a 47-year-old male, 165 pounds. I suffered from allergies and asthma since my youth, relying on Western medicine and my “rescue” inhaler to “manage” my asthma. I also tended to catch colds, bronchitis, and whatever else that was “going around.” Also - my blood pressure was high.
After following the advice you laid out in your Health Recovery Webinars, not only have I not had asthma symptoms for about 6 months, but my blood pressure is down to about 135/90 on average - with no medication. I also found other improvements with my overall health and well-being. Things that I thought were normal in a 47-year-old body - like neck and joint pain - have all but vanished. Sure, I still have an occasional pain from straining my body on a job, but my recovery now is in days, rather than weeks.
I thank you for all the information and work you put into your website. I dare say you saved me a lot of misery, and maybe my life. I was going down the road as another under nutrified, sickly, and miserable human being. At 47 years old I now feel better than ever, and I haven’t been sick in months. Even better, I get compliments that I look much younger than my age! Thanks again Dr. Glidden!
— Mike M
I am so grateful that my son took the time and told me about Dr. Glidden. I am 61 years old and over the years have had numerous health problems. I have been told by my Dr’s that I have COPD and needed to be on oxygen, and that I would have limited activities.
After listening to Dr. Glidden’s Information, I went on a Gluten-Free Diet which helped me loose my fat Belly. After following the Health Recovery Program that Dr. Glidden outlined in his videos, my cravings went away!
After a couple months. I told my Dr. I do not think I need oxygen anymore. I am so active now. I am Mowing The lawn, Riding Bikes with my 11-year-old Granddaughter...who by the way Lives with me. After raising 4 children of my own, I needed the energy that I had in my 30’s. I sleep well 7 Hours a night. Eat healthy....I do not crave fast food. I feel healthy....I am having more fun. Dr. Glidden’s recommendations changed my life!
The MDs just seem to be scratching their heads in Surprise.. They do not seem to understand why I am doing so good. My Pulmonary Doctor said I looked like a different Person on my last Appointment.. She said no need to make a follow-up visit. I just smiled and said Good-bye.
Thank-you Dr. Glidden! Keep-up the Great work!
— Robin M
I broke my leg during a commute home from work on my bicycle. I wrecked on a slick spot in the road. I hobbled home and went to the hospital the next day for X-rays. The doctor said my femur was broken and I needed screws in it to heal. I refused the surgery / procedure.
I went home and watched one of Dr. Glidden’s Health Recovery videos. He laid out a protocol for me to follow. I followed it 100% to a “T” and went back for more X-rays 3 weeks later and the doctor was amazed how quickly I was recovering.
I walked into his office with no crutches or wheelchair. He told me to keep doing my protocol from Dr G. and 3 weeks later I returned to work fully healed and riding to work again.
Against the wishes of the surgeon I was riding my bike indoors every day after 10 days because the nutrition was making my legs really stiff. I know it helped the healing process along with the stretching I was doing. I love Dr. Glidden... I commute to work almost every day, and haven’t been off the bike since some time in February. I normally ride 150 to 200 miles a week...
— Ryan R